Only two weeks away

“Overpriced, far away and unsure of what I’m going to get”. That’s what many people think about agile conferences. So Emily Webber and I set out to address these problems with Agile on the Bench goes Camping, and we reckon we’ve nailed it. The conference costs £35 a ticket (including lunch,… Read More »Only two weeks away

Agile on the Bench conference

Agile on the Bench goes Camping

Question: What could be better than a lunchtime mini-conference in the fresh air? Answer: A day long version followed by some fireside dining Scrum & Kanban is happy to be sponsoring the first Agile on the Bench one-day conference on 25 July 2015. Following a similar format to the lunchtime sessions that have… Read More »Agile on the Bench goes Camping

Agile on the Bench

Today, Emily Webber and I launched Agile on the Bench. Our idea was simple: people gather around a bench and listen to short talks on agile. In the spirit of Speaker’s Corner, we wanted to create a cheap, fun, and no-tech platform for people to share ideas, raise questions and… Read More »Agile on the Bench