Spot ‘n’ tick …

… problems with agile teams

Do you remember taking long car journeys as a kid? Remember trying to spot things en route? A breakdown recovery vehicle, a humpbacked bridge, a strange road sign. Hours were spent looking out of the window trying to spot certain items left on the list and then ticking them off.

We don’t see why we shouldn’t continue to have fun, just because we’ve got jobs. So we’ve recreated the game, tailored to the work we do, but with a twist: we’ve listed items that you DON’T want to see. This is spot the problems with agile teams. How many of our selected items can you spot in your organisation?

There is no pocket-sized printed version, but if people love it enough, then we’ll get it made.

For now, you can download the PDF version, grab a Sharpie, and start ticking away.

Please note that we are still adding pictures to the file.