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Is Agile the same as Scrum?

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Our new YouTube series (and accompanying podcast) is focused on the fundamentals of Agile … so we’ve named it AGILE FUNDAMENTALS & BEYOND. We will be asking the questions that everybody who is starting with Agile wants answered. The first episode asks “Is Agile the same as Scrum?” and features… Read More »Is Agile the same as Scrum?

How to train an organisation

“Our teams don’t need training because we have some experienced people who can explain it to the rest.” Wouldn’t it be marvellous if knowledge got shared like that? A few ‘evangelists’ gradually educating the whole workforce. The problem is, these evangelists have often learned on the job, picking up practices,… Read More »How to train an organisation

What is service design?

When writing The Innovation Revelation, I discovered that service design is a mystery to many people. So I thought it would be beneficial to ask a bunch of experts to provide an explanation. Here is a compilation of clips taken from 14 experts: Their full videos (and more) will be… Read More »What is service design?

What customers want

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“I have an idea.” The 4 words that strike fear into my wife How do you know if your killer new idea is really any good? Although my recent book, The Innovation Revelation, looked at finding solutions to customers’ problems at a macro level (i.e. from understanding the intersection between… Read More »What customers want

Scenario-based learning

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At this month’s meetup we tried something new: allowing people to learn by putting them in a simulation of a Scrum event. That is, we created a daily stand-up and retrospective using ‘actors’, then asked participants to jump in if they thought they could do a better job at facilitating.… Read More »Scenario-based learning

How to demotivate people

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Abraham Lincoln’s “you can’t please all the people all of the time” is certainly true, but sometimes we make the situation worse unnecessarily. Here’s my list of 10 ways to demotivate people in a working environment that are all avoidable: 1. Refer to people as “Resources” Printers, paper, pens, computers… Read More »How to demotivate people