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Doing nothing is always an option. Organisations across the globe continue to struggle each day without investing in the people who work there, and the people continue to work unhappily. Teamwork and mastery aren’t compulsory. Neither are productivity and effectiveness.

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2-day Agile Fundamentals
The starting point for all teams and organisations who want to take an agile...
1-day Kanban bootcamp
Experiencing how to apply the six core properties of the Kanban Method by using...
User-Centred Design intro
UCD is an approach that helps organisations design and develop products and...
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"Really great course, very interactive and brilliantly delivered. I have learned about lots of great Agile / Scrum skills and techniques."
Digital Delivery Adviser, GDS
"A great two days. It really helped me to deepen my understanding of Scrum and challenged me to think more about things that I already knew. The online workshop was really fun and engaging. It didn't feel like I was at home, I felt connected to everyone I was working with (from across a screen) and I ended the day with a smile.."
Scrum Master, Shelter

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