Agile on the Bench

Today, Emily Webber and I launched Agile on the Bench. Our idea was simple: people gather around a bench and listen to short talks on agile. In the spirit of Speaker’s Corner, we wanted to create a cheap, fun, and no-tech platform for people to share ideas, raise questions and propose (potentially contentious) ideas.

Some people thought we were mad: “Nobody will turn up in a park on a cold November lunchtime to hear people talk about agile.” Turns out, they were wrong; like a flash mob, 16 people turned up in Lincoln’s Inn Fields to listen to four talks despite it being a chilly day. Topics ranged from pasta factories to content teams, bunions to 80s-themed retrospectives – all with agile references.

Agile on the Bench

Images courtesy of Emily Webber


The format

  • Presenters are not allowed to use any tech. No laptops, no tablets, no phones. Not even print outs from PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Each speaker has up to 10 minutes for their presentation, plus time for questions from the crowd
  • Each event lasts 60 minutes
  • We will schedule at least two speakers per event
  • Anyone can step forwards to talk after the scheduled speakers
  • It’s free and nobody is paid for speaking
  • Bring your lunch (we’re not supplying any)

However, the above format may change. Today was a MVC (Minimum Viable Conference).


Why is it called Agile on the Bench? 

Because we’re talking about agile (and lean) on and around a bench. Oh, and it gives a respectful nod towards the marvellous Agile on the Beach.


How do I get involved? When is the next one?

Register your interest on the site and follow @agileonthebench

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