Mentoring: a partnership for your development

Supporting your learning, development and progress

Our mentorlng supports and empowers individuals through a mixture of observations, feedback, opinion, experience and ideas. Each of our expert mentors is flexible to your needs, offering the most appropriate assistance for each individual situation.


Supporting individuals according to their specific needs.


The mentee's needs are paramount, so we provide what is needed for each situation.


Our mentors' focus is to develop you; we are not attached to specific agendas or results.

  • You set the direction for the mentoring programme
  • Our mentor supports your learning, development and progress
  • Support comes in a variety of ways (e.g. information, experience, ideas)
  • Mentor is flexible around your indvidual needs
  • Sessions are convenient for you
  • The focus is always your development

Book your session​

Book some time (see below) for us to discuss your needs.


Discuss your needs

We will review your unique situation, looking at where you are now and your needs.



If you choose to move forwards with mentoring, we set a time for our first session.