When I was writing my book, The Innovation Revelation, a story explaining the benefits of service design + agile, I found that service design is new to many people. So I thought it would be beneficial to get a bunch of experts to give their explanation of service design.

Want more? Our YouTube ‘service design playlist’ has 17 videos of experts explaining what service design means to them. Click on them below.

Rachel Kerr-Oliveira (Head of Police Digital Services, Design and Delivery Lead at Home office)

Tom Wynne-Morgan (“someone who designs services”)

Darius Pocha (Co-founder at Create/Change)

Harsha Vardhan (Experience Design at Lead Arrival)

Catherine Collins (Service Designer and Founder of Moxie)

Michelle Isme (Senior Service Designer at Unboxed)

Valeria Adani (Service Design Director at Idean)

Phillippa Rose (Service design consultant and educator)

Payal Wadhwa (Head of Service Design at Idean)

Matteo Remondini (Senior Service Designer Shelter)

Holly May Mahoney (Service Design Consultant)

Daniel Letts (Project Lead LiveWork)

Carolyn Runcie (Programme Manager and Tutor, Service Design, at Royal College of Art)

Boris Divjak (Head of Design at Unboxed)

Harry Slagel (HService and User Experience Designer at Engine Transformations)

Jeffrey Allen (Lead Service Designer at Ministry of Justice)

David Mingay (Creative Director at Publicis Sapient)