Scrum & Kanban has produced a range of t-shirts that promote the theories, groups and businesses that it supports.

Our Kanban t-shirts

It’s all about evolution not revolution. Spread the word!

Meetup groups

Scrum and Kanban is proud to support two London-based meetup groups: London Agile Discussion Group (one of London’s oldest agile meetups) and London Lean Coffee.

Show your support by wearing the t-shirts.

Our products

Dial-a-Mariachi was a hilarious explanation of MVPs … which resulted in us prototyping an ‘on-demand mariachi band’.

You can watch the video here.

Iterative, Incremental, Big Bang

Bought the card game? Want the t-shirt?

Bought the card game? Want the t-shirt?


Don’t have the card game? Well, head over here afterwards to buy that too.

“Project Spotting”

With a sly nod to John Hodge‘s Trainspotting poem, we have produced our very own version that explains why you might want to take an agile approach. Wear it with care though: it contains explicit language.