Actionable Agile Analytics

In my recent post, I talked about Dan Vacanti’s take on Kanban charts. Some of his beliefs mean that our legacy charts are no longer workable. So what can we use to track dates, view scatterplots, check arrival vs departure rates, etc? Vacanti’s company has built a tool called ActionableAgile… Read More »Actionable Agile Analytics

Little’s Law and CFDs

How much information can a triangle give you? Well, if it’s on a CFD (‘Cumulative Flow Diagram’), then it appears to be quite a lot. After sitting in a presentation recently, someone came up to me to ask how changes in WIP, Cycle Time and Delivery Rate alter the shape of… Read More »Little’s Law and CFDs

Burndown versus CFD

As Jeff Sutherland finished describing how important the burndown chart had been in the creation of Scrum, I started feeling guilty for my previous attacks [on burndowns, not on Jeff]. But then I started thinking of examples of how burndowns can easily fail to reflect reality. Even if we ignore… Read More »Burndown versus CFD

Kanban Reports

This blog post is an update to the original post from November 2013 Don’t get me wrong, I prefer story points and velocity to masses of up-front analysis and estimation. But I feel that Kanban goes one step further and employs maths as a basis for its estimates. Unlike financial… Read More »Kanban Reports