Pull or Push #9: The car park

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Last Monday, we described a pull system in a factory and how it differed from a push system often used by software teams. We are following that post with a 10-day series looking at push and pull systems in everyday life, asking what you think and offering our thoughts.

Scenario number 9 is the car park

Image courtesy of skitterphoto.com on pexels.com

Image courtesy of skitterphoto.com on pexels.com

Our thoughts

This depends on type of car park.

Most multi-storey car parks have a barrier at the front which PULLS cars in when capacity allows.

But smaller car parks (such as a pay & display in a small town) allow cars to enter without restriction, thus creating a PUSH system. It is then left up to the newly entered car to find an empty bay or wait for one to become available. As we know, a waiting car often causes blockages for cars who want to abort trying to find a space in that car park and for cars that want to exit.


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