Pull or Push #10: The mind

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Last Monday, we described a pull system in a factory and how it differed from a push system often used by software teams. We are following that post with a 10-day series looking at push and pull systems in everyday life, asking what you think and offering our thoughts.

Our final scenario, number 10, is the mind

Image courtesy of ratisography.com on pexels.com

Image courtesy of ratisography.com on pexels.com

Our thoughts

This is the worst of all PUSH systems: even when we think we are only thinking of one thing, our brain is actually awash with other thoughts.

Mindfulness is the closest thing I’ve seen to try to manage this unruly mob, by focusing in the present: that still doesn’t change the system to a pull though, just a better managed push system.

That’s the end of our 10-day series. What other pull and push systems can you think of?


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