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As per my previous post on SAFe, if you have multiple teams working on individual products with minimal dependencies, then I don’t think you should worry about scaling; multiple independent Scrum teams can work harmoniously alongside each other just fine. However, some organisations believe they need multiple teams working on… Read More »Nexus

Scrum Guide changes

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In November 2017, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland presented their revisions to The Scrum Guide™. The recording of the webinar is available on Vimeo. It is just over 55 minutes long. Here is a summary of the major changes: 1) Uses of Scrum The new Guide now has an additional… Read More »Scrum Guide changes

New 1-day Kanban bootcamp

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We have noticed that interest in the Kanban Method has been growing steadily over the years. We have always resisted creating a Kanban-focused bootcamp because we feel that it is difficult to give a one-approach-fits-all summary of Kanban; we much prefer a tailor-made approach through coaching. However, some of our… Read More »New 1-day Kanban bootcamp

Scrum Guide quiz

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Chances are that you aced your CSM test (if you went on the 2-day course), but how well do you really know the Scrum Guide? I’m not talking about how well could you implement Scrum, just how well you know what is written on the 17 pages written by Ken Schwaber… Read More »Scrum Guide quiz

Our game … in Russian

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In February 2016, we launched our workshop game, Iterative Incremental Big Bang. Although our biggest market is the United Kingdom, over 60% of sales have been shipped elsewhere in the world (as far as Canada, Vietnam, New Zealand and Russia). Our friends at ScrumTrek in Russia liked the game so… Read More »Our game … in Russian

How to work like a startup

Following on from last week’s ‘What is an entrepreneur?‘ post, I thought we’d look at how to act like a startup. If you remember, a team had asked me to help them think differently. They were stuck in a rut (building something that they weren’t sure was going to solve… Read More »How to work like a startup