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As coaches, we sometimes end up ploughing a lone furrow in our attempts to help individuals, teams and organisations to develop and improve. Speaking from experience, this isolation can be a little unnerving and often frustrating. The thoughts that have previously entered my mind include: Am I using the right… Read More »Supervision

Agile pub quiz

For its first session of 2016, the London Agile Discussion Group ran a pub quiz around agile and lean. The teams did pretty well and it was a close fought battle. The quiz caused a lot of interest so, due to popular demand, we’ve published a slightly cut-down version. No looking… Read More »Agile pub quiz

Is pairing just for developers?

Last weekend I was chatting with my Dad about his current work project, and our conversation led me to start thinking about pair programming and pairing in general. The idea of pair programming was popularised from the early days of eXtreme Programming or XP. The book Extreme Programming Explained written… Read More »Is pairing just for developers?

G.R.O.W as a Coach

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In my last post, Coaching v Mentoring, I talked about how, in my opinion, a Coach is someone who helps people “identify and achieve their goals” and that a coach should do this through questioning rather than “the coach influencing or giving their own opinion on the subject”. Surely, this… Read More »G.R.O.W as a Coach

coach versus mentor

Coaching v Mentoring

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Reading David Lowe’s excellent post The Rowing Coach, got me thinking about the differences between a coach and a mentor, and the role someone like an Agile Coach or Scrum Master may take when working with teams or organisations. Should they purely be a coach, solely be a mentor, or… Read More »Coaching v Mentoring

Retro: the movie title still

Retro: The Movie

How good are your retrospectives? Could they be better? Do you have the opportunity to watch other teams’ retros? Is there someone who you can invite to critique your meetings? During my time at Net-A-Porter, I was lucky enough to work with some excellent people and we helped each other… Read More »Retro: The Movie