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“The special one”

In a recent conversation with an “Agile Coach”, the conversation turned to coaching in an organisational setting. The coach said: “It’s my job to tell people that they are doing things wrong, and that they should approach things the way I tell them to… I’m a bit like Jose Mourinho…… Read More »“The special one”


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As coaches, we sometimes end up ploughing a lone furrow in our attempts to help individuals, teams and organisations to develop and improve. Speaking from experience, this isolation can be a little unnerving and often frustrating. The thoughts that have previously entered my mind include: Am I using the right… Read More »Supervision

Johari Window

We all know that trust is the cornerstone of all good relationships, whether that be with family members, friends or even with our teams at work. Patrick Lencioni backs this notion up in his book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by illustrating that an ‘absence of trust’ will mean teams… Read More »Johari Window

Scaled Scrum is just Scrum

I’ve always been a believer that, rather than focusing on scaling agile, you should just focus on being Agile. However, over the last few years, a number of frameworks have emerged with the aim of ‘scaling’ Agile. SAFe and LeSS are two such examples of scaling frameworks. Scrum.org has now… Read More »Scaled Scrum is just Scrum

Is pairing just for developers?

Last weekend I was chatting with my Dad about his current work project, and our conversation led me to start thinking about pair programming and pairing in general. The idea of pair programming was popularised from the early days of eXtreme Programming or XP. The book Extreme Programming Explained written… Read More »Is pairing just for developers?

The Design Sprint

The Design Sprint

In his book, The Lean Startup, Eric Ries advocates considering the development of a product as a “grand experiment that aims to answer a question”. With that question being “should the product be built?”. The idea is that, once you know the problem you are trying to solve, then you create a… Read More »The Design Sprint