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Theory of Constraints

The definition of constraint in English: NOUN A limitation or restriction ( The systems that we work in often face limitations or restrictions. These can stop us efficiently reaching our goals.   What is the Theory of Constraints? The Theory of Constraints, created by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and illustrated in his book The Goal, is a… Read More »

Little’s Law and CFDs

How much information can a triangle give you? Well, if it’s on a CFD (‘Cumulative Flow Diagram’), then it appears to be quite a lot. After sitting in a presentation recently, someone came up to me to ask how changes in WIP, Cycle Time and Delivery Rate alter the shape of a CFD. Specifically, how the… Read More »


I heard Mike Burrows talk about STATIK at the Kanban Leadership Retreat in June. STATIK is an acronym for Systems Thinking Approach To Introducing Kanban, a good title for the process of bringing the following steps into play: Understand sources of dissatisfaction Analyze demand and capability Model the knowledge discovery process Discover classes of service… Read More »