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Sprint Reports

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If I mentioned a ‘Sprint Report’ to most teams, I’d expect a response along the lines of: A report on what we did in the Sprint? That sounds a bit over the top, doesn’t it?! You’ll be suggesting I do a Gantt chart next! Although I’d prefer something tangible for users… Read More »Sprint Reports

Down with the kids

Inspiration sometimes comes from unlikely places. Last weekend, I took my children to the Story Museum in Oxford for a reading of The BFG (by the amazing stage actor Anthony Pedley). Anyone with children will know what happens after any such event: there is an obligatory trip to the gift… Read More »Down with the kids

Tips for getting things done

2 tips from cognitive psychology for getting things done in agile teams Everyone wants their teams to be successful and accomplish their goals.  Small ‘a’ agile approaches to work seem to be everywhere now, but have you ever wondered how the various agile/Scrum/Kanban concepts can be supported by cognitive psychology… Read More »Tips for getting things done