How to train an organisation

“Our teams don’t need training because we have some experienced people who can explain it to the rest.” Wouldn’t it be marvellous if knowledge got shared like that? A few ‘evangelists’ gradually educating the whole workforce. The problem is, these evangelists have often learned on the job, picking up practices,… Read More »How to train an organisation

New 1-day Kanban bootcamp

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We have noticed that interest in the Kanban Method has been growing steadily over the years. We have always resisted creating a Kanban-focused bootcamp because we feel that it is difficult to give a one-approach-fits-all summary of Kanban; we much prefer a tailor-made approach through coaching. However, some of our… Read More »New 1-day Kanban bootcamp

Advice for newbies

Question 1: If someone with no agile knowledge asked you where to start in learning about agile (in order to get a job in our industry), what one recommendation would you give them? Question 2: If someone with a basic knowledge and some experience of agile asked you how to… Read More »Advice for newbies

Why I won’t help Bob

What trait do you despise the most? A poll on puts the worst characteristics as selfishness, arrogance, meanness, self-centredness and dishonesty. My vote goes to laziness (which was 33rd in the ranker list). Over the last few years I’ve met lots of people who have made an effort to improve… Read More »Why I won’t help Bob

New movie: “Bad stand-up”

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How effective are your daily stand-ups? Do you think you could spot bad traits if they happened? Could you spot them in others’ meetings? Some of you will remember that, at this year’s Scrum Alliance retreat, a bunch of us identified that many Scrum Masters don’t have a support network… Read More »New movie: “Bad stand-up”