New movie: “Bad stand-up”

By | October 15, 2014

How effective are your daily stand-ups? Do you think you could spot bad traits if they happened? Could you spot them in others’ meetings?

Some of you will remember that, at this year’s Scrum Alliance retreat, a bunch of us identified that many Scrum Masters don’t have a support network to help them develop – and other’s choose not to accept help of those around them – and felt we should do something about it. Along with exchange and mentorship programme, we discussed building resources to aid development. Out of this came “Retro: The Movie“.

Now there is a sequel: “Stand-up: The Movie“. This one is much shorter but is in the same vein: helping people question their actions.

So, why not spend the next 5 minutes watching the video, then add comments on the YouTube page as to the bad practices that you’ve spotted? The next time you have a stand-up, maybe you’ll then see some ways for improvement.



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