Snakes & ladders

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I can’t stand a boring retro. Doesn’t the thought of another session of happy face, sad face makes you want to pull the duvet over your head and snooze the alarm clock? So, whenever I’m working with a team, I try not to run the same retro format twice. Sometimes… Read More »Snakes & ladders


Within minutes my 7 year old daughter understood two important concepts: Testing frequently is better than waiting until the end; That it is okay to fail. This wasn’t because I’d started reading Lean Startup as a bedtime story; it was the result of a few minutes playing on Lightbot Junior. The… Read More »Lightbot

A new game

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Although we don’t favour revolutionary changes, most of us first experience agile through a radical and wholesale transformation to Scrum. Along with all the changes to roles, meetings and working approach, we find ourselves bombarded with new terminology. Two terms that seem to confuse many newbies (and not-so-newbies) are incremental… Read More »A new game