How to work like a startup

Following on from last week’s ‘What is an entrepreneur?‘ post, I thought we’d look at how to act like a startup. If you remember, a team had asked me to help them think differently. They were stuck in a rut (building something that they weren’t sure was going to solve… Read More »How to work like a startup

Autonomy in practice

During a recent consulting engagement, I was working with the leadership team on the next phase of their organisational evolution. We were talking about the kind of culture they wanted to build, and the topic of autonomy was raised. The concept of autonomy has been popularised by Dan Pink in… Read More »Autonomy in practice

Continuous Improvement with Team Sky – Taking inspiration from professional cycling

A friend of mine recently pointed me in the direction of an article by Joao Medeiros in Wired magazine, titled: Behind the scenes with Chris Froome and Team Sky ahead of the Tour De France 2016. As I began to read the article, I was immediately interested, not only because I’m… Read More »Continuous Improvement with Team Sky – Taking inspiration from professional cycling

Scrum Gathering Prague 2015

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Would a Scrum Alliance conference be boring? Would I learn anything? Would it be attended by the same old people peddling the same old, by-the-book, approaches? On the other hand, how bad could 3 days in Prague be? My mind was made up: I’d go to Prague for the 2015 Scrum… Read More »Scrum Gathering Prague 2015

Is your backlog like a tree?

“What makes trees special? They live long and grow large by being mostly dead. Only about 2% of tree cells are alive” ~ @biotweeps When I saw this, I immediately thought of Product Backlogs. I have heard a number of people admonish an audience with statements such as “50% of most… Read More »Is your backlog like a tree?

Fixed Everything Projects

To most of us, the problems with fixing cost, scope and time are obvious. How do we know we can deliver all of the scope, in the time we’ve been given, with the people we have to do it? The short answer, is that in most cases you can’t especially… Read More »Fixed Everything Projects

Sprint Goals

The blog post read: “For my teams, as they cannot fully shield themselves from changes in a Sprint, the 20% reserve allows them to [adapt]/deal with most changes, and keep their Sprint commitments.” The team was breaking work down into hours, then keeping a “slush fund” of spare hours to… Read More »Sprint Goals

Too much change

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  The role of agile coach is a funny one: even when you’re doing a good job, you can’t put your finger on a deliverable and say “I did that”. This lack of externally visible, tangible deliverables sometimes makes coaches (and ScrumMasters) feel they need to have an outward show… Read More »Too much change

Scrum or Kanban?

I’m convinced that Kanban works very well for service desks and other response-based teams. For these teams, planning two weeks’ work up front just doesn’t make sense. Similarly, I can see why people might think that Scrum works best for projects: iterations give great visibility and regular milestones at which… Read More »Scrum or Kanban?