Scrum 101 book

What is the book about?

Scrum 101 provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about Agile with Scrum. It is based on real questions from real people in real talks, groups and workshops.

Why did we write a book?

The authors frequently run talks, discussions and workshops on agile and lean approaches (particularly on Scrum and Kanban). The attendees of each session bring their unique scenarios and personal issues, which result in a variety of questions. No two events are ever the same.

Over the years, these questions have been collected and the most common ones about agile and Scrum are being answered in this book.

So, whether you are new to agile and Scrum, or been using it for a while, we aim to help clarify some of the questions that you have wanted to ask but haven’t had the opportunity.

Where can you buy the book?

It is now available on Amazon in paperback (priced £9.90 with free P&P for Amazon Prime members) and for Kindle (priced £7.50).