The Coach’s Backpack

What is the difference between a business coach and a football coach? Or the difference between a voice coach and a systemic coach?

No, that’s not the start to one of my terrible jokes; I genuinely wanted to discover how the wide range of coaches that are out there differ. For example, how directive are each of them?

So I decided to find out. The challenge was how to make the learning fun and entertaining, as well as easy(ish) for me to do.

This is how I came up with THE COACH’S BACKPACK podcast.

Each week I interview a different type of coach, asking them to answer the same question:

You’ve been asked to coach a new client but are limited to what you can take with you. As well as the essentials (i.e. their clothes, toothbrush and all of my books) they can take:

  • One book
  • One tool, technique, concept, method, approach
  • One other item of your choice
  • … plus one person (from the past or present) to accompany them


I also ask them to pick one thing they would want to make sure was not in their backpack and where they hope they would/would not be going.

Guests so far have included a voice coach, clean language coach, equine facilitated coach, belief coach and more.

Take a listen to a few episodes on all the main players.

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