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IMPROVing Agile Teams

If you think about it, there’s a lot of similarities between improv and the teams we work with: every day we face uncertainty about what we are going to have to deal with, we rely on the people around us to help us achieve success (and they rely on us), the team is stronger than… Read More »

Agile on the Bench

Today, Emily Webber and I launched Agile on the Bench. Our idea was simple: people gather around a bench and listen to short talks on agile. In the spirit of Speaker’s Corner, we wanted to create a cheap, fun, and no-tech platform for people to share ideas, raise questions and propose (potentially contentious) ideas. Some… Read More »

Working Left to Right

In western societies we read from left to right. We are conditioned to look to the top left first. During a recent stand up, a team member pointed out that our kanban board asks us to do almost the opposite. Our work is pulled from left to right. Those work items that are closest to being live are naturally… Read More »

Retro: The Movie

How good are your retrospectives? Could they be better? Do you have the opportunity to watch other teams’ retros? Is there someone who you can invite to critique your meetings? During my time at Net-A-Porter, I was lucky enough to work with some excellent people and we helped each other improve. However, at a recent… Read More »

Conference Crimes

This week, I ran into Justin. He’s a fellow-commuter who I see sporadically. Justin works for a Government department and is never one to hold back from sharing his wisdom with us. In return, we playfully mock his lavish holiday allowance and 9-to-5 attitude. When I mentioned that I am going to a conference in… Read More »

Share and share alike

When was the last time that you sat down with a team from another company and discussed how each of you tackled a similar problem? How often do you knowledge-share with other firms to learn from one another? Chances are you never have. Most companies seem to prefer to remain an island, struggling alone, rather… Read More »

What Mike Said

With all the excitement around estimates, it was time to build “What Mike Said”. Heading into a 2-day hack-a-thon, we were being encouraged to work on ideas that would bring benefit, without needing to relate to any of the Company’s top priority items. The beauty team were offering shiny new iPads for the best hack… Read More »

The best retro of 2013

The prize for the most popular retrospective of 2013 goes to … my retro in a pub where we played Jenga. Thanks to my Marmite Voting system, I am able to confirm that the most popular retrospective by far was the one where we held the retro in the local pub. We found a mezzanine… Read More »