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Nudge is a book that investigates the philosophical questions around influencing people. Although it was first published in 2008, it is still as relevant today. And it’s made an impact on how organisations think. Organisations such as governments. I’ll paraphrase their example to explain. Let’s pretend that you run your… Read More »Nudge

Project v Product

After reading James’ last post, Responding to Change – A Decorator’s Story, I began thinking a bit more in general about how people consider software development. In a lot of places where I have worked, software has always been delivered in projects. These projects, even ones that have been called… Read More »Project v Product

Cost of Delay

“Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software” As we all know this is the first principle behind the Agile Manifesto. But how do we understand the value of the things we are working on and delivering? And why would we want… Read More »Cost of Delay