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Acceptance Criteria and Conditions of Satisfaction

When I recently asked a room full of people “What is the difference between Acceptance Criteria and Conditions of Satisfaction?”, I expected definitions to be agreed pretty quickly. After all, this was the opening gambit to take us on to the deeper discussion of their respective values and best approaches for implementation. Turns out, it’s… Read More »

Don’t forget to add in the conversation

Story, Epic or even Saga, what is the difference? David Lowe’s post from last year gives a good description of each. However, in my opinion, there is not much difference. A story, epic or saga all narrate the type of user, the need of the user, and the value returned by fulfilling that need. The… Read More »

Theme, Epic, Story, Task

What is the difference between an epic and a theme? What is a story? Is a task testable in its own right? Can you work on an epic in a sprint? The opening session of the London Agile Discussion Group (LADG) looked at these basic terms to see if there was an agreed understanding. We… Read More »