What customers want

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“I have an idea.” The 4 words that strike fear into my wife How do you know if your killer new idea is really any good? Although my recent book, The Innovation Revelation, looked at finding solutions to customers’ problems at a macro level (i.e. from understanding the intersection between… Read More »What customers want

Innovating courts

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A couple of months ago, I talked about trying to innovate on society’s real-life problems. My idea was to create an environment where we could harness the power of great minds (who are not currently connected to the problem) to bring fresh ideas and explore new options. Last month, we ran… Read More »Innovating courts

Monte Carlo simulators

“There are too many variables to take into account … it’s impossible to know what the chance of success is.”   When I started my latest venture I knew that there was a possibility that it would fail. I’d spent years working with estimates and trying to forecast timelines, but this had lots… Read More »Monte Carlo simulators