Henrik Kniberg

The making of IIBB

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It might have taken over a year before it was available to buy on Amazon, but the production process of my new game lived up to its name: it was iterative, incremental and big bang. The seed for the workshop game was planted in January 2015 after having another conversation… Read More »The making of IIBB

Advice for newbies

Question 1: If someone with no agile knowledge asked you where to start in learning about agile (in order to get a job in our industry), what one recommendation would you give them? Question 2: If someone with a basic knowledge and some experience of agile asked you how to… Read More »Advice for newbies

Slicing stories vertically

Most people agree that splitting stories into manageable sizes makes sense: stories should be small enough to be achievable within an iteration, but big enough to deliver something valuable in their own right. (For more on the content of user stories, see this previous post). But HOW should you split… Read More »Slicing stories vertically