Estimation meets Cynefin

Question: Which provides a better estimate: Planning Poker or an ‘expert’? Many teams would answer that question by saying Planning Poker is always better than an expert’s estimates. We’ve been told it’s the case so many times, that few question it. Truth is, an expert estimate is sometimes more appropriate than an estimate… Read More »Estimation meets Cynefin

Calibration tests

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How to improve on a guess Guessing (aka intuition or expert judgement) is probably the most common method of estimating that we use, but also the most inaccurate. Most people fall into the trap of giving a single answer when asked for an estimate. Don’t. Instead, offer a minimum (lower bound) and… Read More »Calibration tests

Estimation Calibration

Following on from last week’s post by James, I thought I would continue the estimation discussion, but from a different angle. Douglas Hubbard (author of How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business) believes that we can calibrate our estimation skills so that we are less likely… Read More »Estimation Calibration