Pull or Push #6: The housing market

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On Monday, we described a pull system in a factory and how it differed from a push system often used by software teams. We are following that post with a 10-day series looking at push and pull systems in everyday life, asking what you think and offering our thoughts.

Scenario number 6 is the housing market

Image courtesy of jaymantri.com on pexels.com

Image courtesy of jaymantri.com on pexels.com

Our thoughts
The housing market is a PUSH system: the number of sellers and buyers are not controlled. It is also an unstable system: there’s not one sale for every purchase due to to people entering and exiting the housing market, people buying property as an investment, second home buyers, etc.

It’s a truly complex system (in the cynefin sense), with innumerable inputs that define its course and results in unpredictability.

All this results in the possibility of huge gains and huge losses … and numerous pundits who frequently incorrectly predict crashes and booms.


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