Our 2018 new year quiz

By | January 3, 2018

We know that getting back into the swing of work can be tough. So we’ve created an Agile-themed crossword to get your brain working again.

Once you have completed the crossword, rearrange the ten yellow letters to form a word and send it to quiz@scrumandkanban.co.uk for your chance to win a prize. Closing date is 31 January 2018. Our usual competition terms and conditions apply.

PDF version available.


1. Location for a 2017 Scrum gathering (6)
5. One of the Scrum values (7)
6. The person who owns the Product Backlog (7,5)
9. Explicit policy defining what must have happened to each work item before it moves into a particular stage of a system (5,8)
12. Daily event (7)
13. Flow diagram often used by Kanban teams (10)
14. Book that featured Alex, Bill and Herbie (3,4)
19. Continuous evolutionary improvement (6)
21. Subset of the Product Backlog that the team agrees to work on (6,7)
22. Chart to measure progress (which we aren’t fans of) (8)
23. “How to make _____”. Workshop created by Tom Wujec (5)
24. Provides guidance to the team (10)
26. Seventeen people met here in February 2001 (8)
27. Likes pairing (7,11)
28. Essential according to the Agile Manifesto’s principles (10)
29. Takeuchi and Nonaka only used this word once in their 1986 article (5)
30. The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team (4,2,4)
31. Design approach aimed at giving customers what they need rather than what we think they want (4,7)
32. Concise list of criteria that defines the minimum quality standard that must be met by each work item within a Sprint before it is considered finished (10,2,4)
33. Event that helps the team inspect and adapt (13)


2. The time it takes for a work item to go from A to B (8)
3. “1,3,5,8,13, __” (according to Mike Cohn) (6)
4. Releasing part of the solution early … then releasing additional parts regularly (11)
7. Cockburn’s invention that appreciates osmotic communication (7,5)
8. Releasing a rough version early … then improving (9)
10. A team that has all the necessary skills contained within it (5,10)
11. Way of ensuring team has capacity to bring in new work (4,6)
15. Used to be known as ceremonies (6)
16. A step toward the vision or goal (9)
17. Main focus of Kanban Method (4)
18. Kanban concept that may include “standard”, “fixed date”, “expedite” and “intangible” (6,2,7)
20. Key motivator according to Dan Pink (8)
25. Made up of four core values and 12 principles (5,9)
29. Document created by Schwaber and Sutherland (5,5)


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