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I’m a big believer in simple tools (afterall, they are there to help us get the work done rather than be the focus of our work). I’m also a sucker for a bit of stationery.

So when I got sent a free sample of Myndflo — apparently “A sustainable alternative to flip charts and sticky notes that’s fun to use and saves you time and money” — I was happily intrigued.

What were the results?

Initial results were good: the static sheets stuck to the wall and removing creases was easy. The static notes were easy to write on and stuck to the static sheets well. It was a bit tricky to peel only one static note off at a time as they naturally stick to each other.

Overall I like the product: they are versatile, portable, reusable and easier to move around than traditional sticky notes. They are also apparently recyclable (they are PP5 plastic which, according to means that they can be recycled through some curbside programs).

Did it all work perfectly?

  • I had a couple of white static sheets up on the wall for a couple of months and one is still stuck as it was on day one. The other started to peel away at one corner, but only slightly
  • A couple of the static notes have become bent and now fall off, but the vast majority are still working well
  • After a few days, the wipeable pen dries onto the static notes … but it wipes off well with a damp cloth
  • The bright orange sides of the static notes aren’t currently wipe cleanable, but I suspect that might be coming.

The £45 starter pack I was sent is currently on sale. For a full list of products, go to

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1 thought on “Myndflo – the static stickies”

  1. Did you know that the colour side of the static notes IS actually erasable when you use our WetWipe markers? Ink will clean off the notes using a damp cloth 😉 Also take care when peeling off the sheets that you pick up one sheet and not several, this is the no. 1 reason that notes and sheets can start to fall off!

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