London Scrum Coaching Retreat 2018

In June 2014, I spent a fantastic few days on a coaching retreat. We organised ourselves into groups on the Sunday afternoon, then spent the next two days focusing on how to provide support for new and/or lone Scrum Masters.*

The Lensbury is again the venue for the coaching retreat. Hurrah!

I’m delighted to announce that this year’s Scrum Alliance Scrum Coaching Retreat is back in London for 2018. Its title is eXtreme self-directed learning for people passionate about agile.

Helen Meek, organiser, says “The retreat is an intensive learning experience; not only do you learn more about that 1 burning topic you are passionate about, you also learn more about yourself. In Scrum teams, you will storm, norm and hopefully perform all over a 2 1/2 day period, whilst releasing what you learn into the community.

The event will start at 4pm on Sunday 1st July 2018, when you will create teams and get to know each other over dinner, followed by 2 full days with your team on 2nd & 3rd July. This being a retreat the accommodation (2 nights) and meals are included in ticket price of $700. The venue is the Lensbury hotel in Teddington, set in beautiful gardens by the river Thames.”

This event will be capped at 80 people (first come first served) so I suggest you book your place NOW.

Attendees of the 2014 retreat (image courtesy of Scrum Alliance).

* Here are two posts from the 2014 retreat: one about the movie we made and one about a mentorship programme.

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  1. I’m very much looking forward to this year’s edition of the retreat! It will mark the 4-year anniversary of our journey (David & Georg), as well as my journey with many of the other coaches who were there in 2014, many of whom will be there this year.

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