Is Scrum the same as Agile?

This week’s blog post is based on a chapter from our book, Scrum 101: the most frequently asked questions about Agile with Scrum, which is available to buy for $12.60.

Agile is the underlying values and principles that Scrum lives by as documented in the Agile Manifesto (Beck et al., 2001).

You cannot apply the Scrum framework without the principles of Agile; you can use the meetings, roles and artefacts that Scrum describes but, unless you apply the core principles of Agile at the same time, you will be delivering a product traditionally, just in smaller bursts.

However, you can be agile without Scrum. There are number of other approaches that agree with and uphold the Agile Manifesto’s values and principles, but don’t use Scrum’s roles, events, etc.

A well-known example of another Agile approach is Extreme Programming.

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