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By | December 19, 2016

In theory, agile and Scrum are relatively simple. The Agile Manifesto (including the 12 principles) is only 264 words and the Scrum Guide is only 14 pages.

But there’s more to it than just theory though, right? That’s why decent training courses spend a few days trying to simulate how agile and Scrum might work in practice. However, although our training courses are amazing, it would still be a tall order to expect someone to rely on just a pamphlet of theory and a 2-day course. We all rely on (a) on-the-job experience, and (b) a support network to help guide us.

But what if you are a relative newcomer and you don’t have such a support network? What if you work alone in a small organisation or you work in a big organisation but nobody has any more knowledge or experience than you? Desperation and panic!

Georg remembers this well: “When I got to bring Scrum to Lloyds Banking Group’s Digital Innovation group, I was the first Agile practitioner there. It was a lonely experience. There was no one I could turn to for Agile and Scrum advice, or to just get relief from sharing something about a challenge I was working through. Having access to a small group of people in a safe environment was a huge help to me. Because David and I have been there, we know how useful and valuable a peer mentor circle is.”

The solution?

After meeting a number of people in this situation in 2014, I started to run a mentorship programme. The model has evolved over time, most notably gaining Georg Fasching as a joint mentor and facilitator, and we are now rolling out a revised version in 2017. The Agile Mentor Circle is peer mentorship. In 2017 we will run 3 consecutive programmes (yes, each being 4 months long). Each programme is limited to 7 mentees (in addition to David and Georg). The Agile Mentor Circle will meet fortnightly to share their challenges and work through them together.

This sounds expensive! What is the cost? And how much experience and knowledge must I have?

The Agile Mentor Circle is run and offered for free by David and Georg. In return, we ask for you to commit your time and engagement. The minimum level of knowledge and experience is low: we expect you to at least have a basic knowledge of the Agile Manifesto and The Scrum Guide. There is no upper limit of experience or knowledge.


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