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Sprint Reports

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If I mentioned a ‘Sprint Report’ to most teams, I’d expect a response along the lines of: A report on what we did in the Sprint? That sounds a bit over the top, doesn’t it?! You’ll be suggesting I do a Gantt chart next! Although I’d prefer something tangible for users… Read More »Sprint Reports

When words go bad

“Don’t assume your customers think like you” “Don’t assume your customers think like you” is my number one piece of advice for anyone starting a new business. It was one of the critical errors I made in 2004 that resulted in my first start-up failing and still holds true today.… Read More »When words go bad

Sprint Goals

The blog post read: “For my teams, as they cannot fully shield themselves from changes in a Sprint, the 20% reserve allows them to [adapt]/deal with most changes, and keep their Sprint commitments.” The team was breaking work down into hours, then keeping a “slush fund” of spare hours to… Read More »Sprint Goals