Planning Poker

Estimation meets Cynefin

Question: Which provides a better estimate: Planning Poker or an ‘expert’? Many teams would answer that question by saying Planning Poker is always better than an expert’s estimates. We’ve been told it’s the case so many times, that few question it. Truth is, an expert estimate is sometimes more appropriate than an estimate… Read More »Estimation meets Cynefin

Show me the hand

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Do you still use physical cards in planning poker? Or maybe you use an app? Either way, the question has to be “why?” A past colleague of mine recently emailed me to say that he’d found such apps, and I asked why he didn’t use hands? “It’s quicker and a… Read More »Show me the hand

What Mike Said

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With all the excitement around estimates, it was time to build “What Mike Said”. Heading into a 2-day hack-a-thon, we were being encouraged to work on ideas that would bring benefit, without needing to relate to any of the Company’s top priority items. The beauty team were offering shiny new… Read More »What Mike Said