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Subjective Well-Being

“Doing things you don’t enjoy reduces your effectiveness.” – Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry in Personal Kanban I agree: aren’t you much more effective when you are doing things that you find fulfilling and are doing them with people you like? I know I am. I also agree that… Read More »Subjective Well-Being

How to get things done

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So, you want to make progress in 2014? Perhaps you have a new business venture that you want to start? Perhaps you just want to improve yourself? Either way, chances are that you will run out of steam pretty quickly. However, there is hope. I am highly productive and motivated,… Read More »How to get things done

Personal Kanban

How do you keep track of your personal task list? Do you use MS Outlook’s standard task manager? Or maybe you use a tablet? A spreadsheet? Or just a good old-fashioned pen and pad? Even at home I’ve been known to roll out the post-it notes for a project (my… Read More »Personal Kanban