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New LADG logo

I remember drawing a logo for the London Agile Discussion Group many, many years ago. It was only meant to be a placeholder. Four years later, it’s still there. But finally I’ve asked someone to draw us a better one. Below are 4 logos that have been created by different artists on… Read More »New LADG logo

What is an agile coach?

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  • 3 min read

How different is an agile coach from a ScrumMaster? Are they interchangeable? Is a ScrumMaster always a coach, and a coach always a ScrumMaster (assuming you’re using Scrum)? These were just a few of the questions that were raised at this week’s LADG when we met to discuss “how to… Read More »What is an agile coach?

Technical Debt

Before you continue reading, can you give a definition of technical debt? You might want to write it down. I planned to facilitate the LADG session in 3 stages: Agree a definition of technical debt Agree aspects that are included/excluded from technical debt (for example, legacy code included; new features… Read More »Technical Debt