Thinking in systems

I’ve recently been involved in delivering a number of new services designed to replace a long serving monolithic web application. Sound familiar? The move to a service oriented architecture can be described, for many reasons, as a good thing. However, care needs to be taken to ensure that the dependencies… Read More »Thinking in systems

Monte Carlo simulators

“There are too many variables to take into account … it’s impossible to know what the chance of success is.”   When I started my latest venture I knew that there was a possibility that it would fail. I’d spent years working with estimates and trying to forecast timelines, but this had lots… Read More »Monte Carlo simulators

ITV agile card

Rating ITV

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I spent yesterday morning at ITV. It’s always interesting to see how another company works. Like most organisations it has some good and bad practices, with some teams being more developed than others. All usual stuff. What stood out was the overall belief in self-organisation. It was evident that team… Read More »Rating ITV