Warning: geek alert! Last week, I raved about how easy Ozzie Gooen’s Guesstimate made Monte Carlo simulations. But, I wanted more: “… imagine if you could draw your own curve for the distribution: a kind of click-and-drag option”, I mused. Straight away, Ozzie highlighted that he’d enable this in tandem with Distshaper. So, this week, I thought… Read More »


In my summary of Monte Carlo Simulators (May 2015), I said that they were good because they grant the use of ranges and allow you to see how changing the inputs affects the project; but the biggest problem was that they can take quite a bit of time to set up. Well, Guesstimate has changed this: you can now… Read More »

An Obsession with Labels

Having spent the last 5 years working in retail, and specifically high end fashion, I’ve seen a lot of obsessing over labels. You might expect that of the retail fashion industry, but it seems this obsession with labels has made its way into the software development community too. Using a framework like Scrum is a great way to start the… Read More »

Retrospectives not resolutions

Have you made a new resolution for 2016? According to a YouGov poll, over 60% of people did last year. The most popular resolutions in 2015 were losing weight, getting fitter, eating more healthily. Unfortunately, studies also show that only about 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution. So why do so many fail? Too extreme (revolutionary) Psychologist Lynn… Read More »


Within minutes my 7 year old daughter understood two important concepts: Testing frequently is better than waiting until the end; That it is okay to fail. This wasn’t because I’d started reading Lean Startup as a bedtime story; it was the result of a few minutes playing on Lightbot Junior. The app has a recommended user… Read More »

Learning to self-organise

Recently, I was working with a team that had quite a few team member changes. Old members of the team moved onto other projects and new recruits were brought in to work on the product I was working on. One of the earliest conversations one of the new recruits had with me went along the… Read More »

Best books of 2015

I’ve read some cracking books over the last 12 months. Some of them have literally changed my life. So, in case you’re looking for a good read this Christmas or struggling to decide what to buy the PO in your life, here are a few recommendations from me and my friends. My top 5 Out… Read More »

Scrum Gathering Prague 2015

Would a Scrum Alliance conference be boring? Would I learn anything? Would it be attended by the same old people peddling the same old, by-the-book, approaches? On the other hand, how bad could 3 days in Prague be? My mind was made up: I’d go to Prague for the 2015 Scrum Alliance Scrum Gathering. I wasn’t… Read More »