The Coach’s Casebook

Is part of my job to be a psychotherapist? I know that I need to foster a desire to improve and help people adjust to change, but should I also be trained to deal with people’s neuroses too? We are all strange and have our idiosyncrasies, but if someone is a chronic people pleaser, obsessive,… Read More »

Acceptance Criteria and Conditions of Satisfaction

When I recently asked a room full of people “What is the difference between Acceptance Criteria and Conditions of Satisfaction?”, I expected definitions to be agreed pretty quickly. After all, this was the opening gambit to take us on to the deeper discussion of their respective values and best approaches for implementation. Turns out, it’s… Read More »


  I want my kids to do well in life. I encourage them to embrace new experiences and challenges. I think that I offer words of encouragement on a regular basis. However, like most parents, the words I use apparently don’t help them to succeed; they encourage failure. “Don’t spill your milk” makes them imagine… Read More »

IMPROVing Agile Teams

If you think about it, there’s a lot of similarities between improv and the teams we work with: every day we face uncertainty about what we are going to have to deal with, we rely on the people around us to help us achieve success (and they rely on us), the team is stronger than… Read More »