Examples of our coaching

Some of the projects and organisation transformations that we have been involved in are discussed below.

(Please note that all this information is already in the public domain; we do not disclose personal or confidential information of our clients)

Ford Motor Company

From early 2015, Scrum & Kanban worked with Ford to try to solve congestion in major towns. Wired magazine ran an article on the experiment in March 2016.

UK Government

From late 2016, Scrum & Kanban has been helping the UK Government in “establishing better ways to develop policy and deliver services in tandem – using an agile approach to iterate rapidly” as described by Ben Gummer MP in the Government Transformation Strategy (published 9 February 2017).

In particular, our focus has been:

  • supporting non-digital specialists in understanding the potential of new or different ways of working
  • making policy based on user research, to enable iteration over time with increased collaboration between the policy and service design communities.