We’ve created some superb videos, but we’re not alone. Here are our videos and the best of the rest.

The Agile Manifesto explained

(Length: 2m 6s)

A superb short video on the basics of the Agile Manifesto. In the video you will learn when and where it was formed, what the principles are, and that they don’t mean we remove other important elements altogether.

What is a Scrum Master?

(Length: 3m 28s)


Retro: The Movie

(Length: 13m 28s)

You’ve gone and completed the 2-day CSM course, then find yourself back at work and out of your depth. If only there was a way of watching others and learning from their mistakes. Well now there is. For more details, see my blog post. By David Lowe and friends.

WIP: Why limiting work-in-progress makes sense

(Length: 3m 58s)

One of Kanban’s main principles is to limit the work in progress. But what is it and why should you do it? By our very own David Lowe.

Kanban Terminology Explained

(Length: 3m 01s)

What do the terms Cycle Time, Lead Time, Throughput Rate, Takt Time mean? Are some of them used to mean the same thing? Video by David Lowe.

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

(Length: 10m 47s)

Illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace by Dan Pink.

Agile Product Ownership in a nutshell

(Length: 15m 51s)

An excellent animated video explaining the role of a Product Owner by Henrik Kniberg.

The Scrum Framework

(Length: 10m 15s)

A ten-minute introduction to the basics of Scrum by Lyssa Adkins.