We get a lot of organisations asking us if we know people they can hire … and a lot of individuals asking us if we know of any good jobs.

Unfortunately, we are not recruitment agents and don’t enjoy that kind of work.

Fortunately, we have a friend who owns an excellent recruitment firm and we are helping them fill the need for a specialist recruitment consultancy for the Agile/Scrum community. We are working together in matching the best talent with interesting jobs, by sharing tips, market intelligence, discipline, insight and by connecting the community to industry events and training opportunities.


Why is this good for you?

If you’re an organisation looking to hire someone

We help you find the right person for the right role. Don’t all recruiters do this? Well, because we are experts in our industry, we can help our friend have the edge by helping him:

  • Clarify exactly what you are looking for (e.g. you might ask for a Scrum Master but really need a Product Owner)
  • Find quality people who are right for your specific role, because we know the questions to ask them (e.g. to find someone who isn’t dogmatic in their approach and has the relevant experience you are looking for)


If you’re someone looking for a job

We help you find the right job. Not just a job, but the right job for you. We do this by helping our friend:

  • Clarify what the job is before they speak to you
  • Understand what kind of jobs you are looking for so that you only discuss appropriate roles
  • And, if we know you, vouch for your knowledge and experience


What’s next

Speak to us. You can talk to us at a meetup, at a conference, at work, at our training courses and events, etc. Alternatively, if you can’t wait, use our contact form below.

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