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Iterative Incremental Big Bang game


Designed and produced by Scrum & Kanban, Iterative, Incremental, Big Bang is a workshop game to encourage people to think about alternative approaches for tackling projects. However, rather than discuss boring work-like scenarios, we’re asking you to decide on an approach for everyday scenarios like converting your loft, cooking Sunday lunch or building a nuclear submarine!

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ScrumMaster User Story T-shirt

ScrumMaster T-shirt

Developers are known throughout the industry for their witty T-shirts, so why not join in?

Shown here in Asphalt.

Given When Then T-shirt

Given When Then T-shirt

Following the popular format of “Given When Then” tests (see dannorth.net for more information), this T-shirt again plays with developers’ tendency for funny T-shirts.

Shown here in charcoal heather.

London Agile Discussion Group T-shirt

London Agile Discussion Group T-shirt

Advertise your membership to the London Agile Discussion Group with this navy T-shirt.

NOTE: the design ONLY works in navy.

Scrum&Kanban.co.uk with Deming quote

Scrumandkanban logo with Deming quote

With a logo of your favourite site on the front left, and a great Deming quote (in Roder Outline font) on the reverse: ““It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”