Kanban boards

What is this? “It’s a Kanban board” is the most common answer. It’s not. It might be an “Agile Board” or a “Scrum Board”, but it’s not a Kanban board. Here’s why. Although 看板 (Kanban) has multiple meanings in Japanese, what we (and the people who claim boards like the one… Read More »Kanban boards

New 1-day Kanban bootcamp

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We have noticed that interest in the Kanban Method has been growing steadily over the years. We have always resisted creating a Kanban-focused bootcamp because we feel that it is difficult to give a one-approach-fits-all summary of Kanban; we much prefer a tailor-made approach through coaching. However, some of our… Read More »New 1-day Kanban bootcamp

The Goal becomes graphic

What’s your favourite business-focused book? Someone asked me this the other day. Although I considered Dan Pink’s Drive, Cialdini’s Influence, Duckworth’s Grit, Hubbard’s How to Measure Anything and a raft of others, it had to be Goldratt’s The Goal. Now it’s in graphic form!   The book, first published in 1984, was not just… Read More »The Goal becomes graphic

Agile pub quiz

For its first session of 2016, the London Agile Discussion Group ran a pub quiz around agile and lean. The teams did pretty well and it was a close fought battle. The quiz caused a lot of interest so, due to popular demand, we’ve published a slightly cut-down version. No looking… Read More »Agile pub quiz

An Obsession with Labels

Having spent the last 5 years working in retail, and specifically high end fashion, I’ve seen a lot of obsessing over labels. You might expect that of the retail fashion industry, but it seems this obsession with labels has made its way into the software development community too. Using a framework like Scrum is… Read More »An Obsession with Labels

Kanban in the factory

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“It’s the oldest working car plant in Europe with an output of 1 car every 68 seconds … 1,000 cars per day. Each car takes 24 hours from start to finish.” Last month, the BBC aired a two-part live show entitled Building Cars Live from the Mini plant in Oxford. It… Read More »Kanban in the factory

Actionable Agile Analytics

In my recent post, I talked about Dan Vacanti’s take on Kanban charts. Some of his beliefs mean that our legacy charts are no longer workable. So what can we use to track dates, view scatterplots, check arrival vs departure rates, etc? Vacanti’s company has built a tool called ActionableAgile… Read More »Actionable Agile Analytics