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The heart of agile

We co-hosted an amazing talk from Alistair Cockburn on Tuesday 14 June. He entertained us with a talk where he took shu, ha, ri to another level. Shu-ha-ri is a Japanese martial art concept that is well-used in our industry. In case you have somehow missed it, it describes the stages a martial arts student… Read More »

Brier scores

In our current experiment, around 80 people made predictions on the Euro 2016 football competition. Participants range from 8 to 80 years old, from people who have never watched a match to a BBC football journalist, from Europeans to Americans. Each participant made 36 predictions (one for each of the group matches) in the month before the… Read More »

Alistair Cockburn talk

Following the success of its recent session focusing on Alistair Cockburn’s Crystal Clear, the London Agile Discussion Group has teamed up with the London Scrum User Group, London Code Dojo and Adventures with Agile for an evening with Cockburn during a rare visit to the UK on 14 June 2016. Entitled “Returning to the Heart of… Read More »

Agile on the Beach 2016

Fancy a two-day conference and a beach party? If so, then Agile on the Beach is the ticket for you. Tickets are now on sale. If you get in there quickly, you might even get one of the reduced tickets at£295 (full price is £350). Go to Agile on the Beach tickets for more details. The billed… Read More »

Scrum Gathering Prague 2015

Would a Scrum Alliance conference be boring? Would I learn anything? Would it be attended by the same old people peddling the same old, by-the-book, approaches? On the other hand, how bad could 3 days in Prague be? My mind was made up: I’d go to Prague for the 2015 Scrum Alliance Scrum Gathering. I wasn’t… Read More »

A new game

Although we don’t favour revolutionary changes, most of us first experience agile through a radical and wholesale transformation to Scrum. Along with all the changes to roles, meetings and working approach, we find ourselves bombarded with new terminology. Two terms that seem to confuse many newbies (and not-so-newbies) are incremental and iterative. I discuss the… Read More »

Agile Glasto

The weather forecasters said we were in for days of rain but Saturday, the day of the conference, would be fine. Friday saw a deluge and soaked everyone to the skin. Surely the Agile on the Bench conference wasn’t going to be a wash-out? But we always have sun. Even in autumn and winter. Sure… Read More »

Only two weeks away

“Overpriced, far away and unsure of what I’m going to get”. That’s what many people think about agile conferences. So Emily Webber and I set out to address these problems with Agile on the Bench goes Camping, and we reckon we’ve nailed it. The conference costs £35 a ticket (including lunch, your campsite pitch and more).… Read More »