David Lowe

Going for gold

“Welcome to the most successful sports club in the world.” Founded in 1818, the Leander Club in Henley on Thames is well-placed to make that claim. 12 athletes from the Leander Club won gold medals in Rio 2016. The club has a tally of 123 golds since 1908 and is… Read More »Going for gold

Dual-track agile

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I often get asked how researchers and designers are meant to synchronise with the development team. Split-team agile (aka mini-waterfall) “Is it okay to have research and design running one sprint ahead of the build team?” Their suggestion is that we split the team in two: sub-team A (usually researchers… Read More »Dual-track agile

Innovating courts

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A couple of months ago, I talked about trying to innovate on society’s real-life problems. My idea was to create an environment where we could harness the power of great minds (who are not currently connected to the problem) to bring fresh ideas and explore new options. Last month, we ran… Read More »Innovating courts

Family flow

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“Brush your hair.” “Eat your breakfast.” “Have you brushed your teeth?” “Bag packed?” “Shoes on. Put your shoes on. Come on, put your shoes on. We need to go!” That’s a typical morning when I’m getting the kids ready for school. It’s stressful (more to me than them). It appears that this… Read More »Family flow


After reading a paper on fairness recently, I started wondering how many of the problems we face are caused by a perceived lack of fairness. Queue jumpers. Drivers that don’t abide by the same rules as you. One parent who gets up more than the other to care for an… Read More »Fairness

Calming the noise

With our addictive apps, sticky widgets, and blindly engaging interactions, we’ve created an era of distraction and fear. How familiar is the following scenario? You’re focusing on writing an email when your watch vibrates to alert you to a new email. Buzz. You give it a quick glance, decide to… Read More »Calming the noise

Kanban boards

What is this? “It’s a Kanban board” is the most common answer. It’s not. It might be an “Agile Board” or a “Scrum Board”, but it’s not a Kanban board. Here’s why. Although 看板 (Kanban) has multiple meanings in Japanese, what we (and the people who claim boards like the one… Read More »Kanban boards