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Retro: The Movie

How good are your retrospectives? Could they be better? Do you have the opportunity to watch other teams’ retros? Is there someone who you can invite to critique your meetings? During my time at Net-A-Porter, I was lucky enough to work with some excellent people and we helped each other improve. However, at a recent… Read More »

The best retro of 2013

The prize for the most popular retrospective of 2013 goes to … my retro in a pub where we played Jenga. Thanks to my Marmite Voting system, I am able to confirm that the most popular retrospective by far was the one where we held the retro in the local pub. We found a mezzanine… Read More »

Marmite Voting

If I had to keep only one team-wide meeting, it would be the retrospective. As well as being the catalyst for improvement, it is also the team’s opportunity to vent their frustration. In fact, raising issues is encouraged! Sure, the team has to go on to try to find solutions and ways to improve, but… Read More »