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Duplicate Roles

Who can the play the roles of Product Owner and ScrumMaster? And do they need to be full-time?   The ScrumMaster Can the ScrumMaster perform the role of Product Owner? No. There is a potential for a conflict of interest. One of the duties of the ScrumMaster is to protect the team from over-committing to… Read More »

Product Owner | Product Manager

What is the difference between a Product Owner and a Product Manager? A simple question, but not simple to answer; opinions are divided and approaches vary from company to company. Following a discussion at London Agile Discussion Group and further reading, here are my generalised summaries. The Product Owner The Product Owner is a Scrum… Read More »

My problem with the ham-n-eggs fable

For those of you who don’t know the fable, it’s a conversation between a pig and a chicken regarding a potential business opportunity. Chicken: “Pig, I was thinking that we should open a restaurant” Pig: “Sounds interesting. What would we call it?” Chicken: “How about Ham-n-Eggs?” Pig: “Er… no thanks. I’d be committed but you’d… Read More »