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Johari Window

We all know that trust is the cornerstone of all good relationships, whether that be with family members, friends or even with our teams at work. Patrick Lencioni backs this notion up in his book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by illustrating that an ‘absence of trust’ will mean teams are unlikely to be successful.… Read More »

Don’t forget to add in the conversation

Story, Epic or even Saga, what is the difference? David Lowe’s post from last year gives a good description of each. However, in my opinion, there is not much difference. A story, epic or saga all narrate the type of user, the need of the user, and the value returned by fulfilling that need. The… Read More »

A better way to communicate?

In my recent post; Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools I discussed how there may be difficulties with how we interact with each other.   So how might be a good way to talk to one another? Marshall Rosenberg, a well-known psychologist, created a communication process in the early 1960s called Nonviolent Communication (NVC). … Read More »

Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools

During a talk last week about certain aspects of the Agile Manifesto I began thinking about the manifesto’s first statement Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools. I’m sure we all know that the textbook definition to this is that we value the people and the communication between the people above processes and tools. I… Read More »